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Manage, publish, measure, personalize and monetize: our industry-leading
modular platform does it all, so you connect with viewers on all screens.

Solutions for Online Media

The Abingmedia Marketplace offers the largest sources of video demand and supply. We operate the most
sophisticated technology stack coupled with a robust data center structure, which allows a holistic approach to
enable more effective, yield-optimized video advertising.

Greater value for every impression

Get direct access to more demand
sources across all major ad segments
including brand direct advertisers, to
increase your yield.

Extend audiences

Generate new revenue with greater
reach by using first- and third-party
data while supplementing video ad
inventory on similar sites to meet
growing demand.

Create a private marketplace

Gain efficiency by selling premium
video via an automated platform, with
control over price and the advertisers
accessing your inventory.

Inventory management

Manage demand and pricing
permissions as well as yield and fill all
in a controlled environment.

Reach consumers wherever and whenever they are
most engaged with sight, sound and motion

Maximize Revenue with One Platform

The Abingmedia DSP (demand side platform) instantly connects advertisers to a vast ecosystem of publishers and partners. Drive your entire buy using one interface to reach the right audience with the right message effectively and efficiently.

Why to choose us

Abingmedia’s technology uses a combination of real-time bidding (RTB) and proprietary market data to help ensure the optimal ad decision is made. With Abingmedia, demand sources have the option to compete simultaneously for each of your impressions, maximizing revenue without compromising your users’ experience.

Our team of experts works closely with you to make adjustments that will help drive further efficiency and optimize campaigns.

Abingmedia connects publishers to major ad networks, demand-side platform (DSPs), trading desks, and exchanges. Step one is on-boarding your existing demand relationships to the platform, centralizing your buyers within Abingmedia to create a unified auction that drives competition for inventory.

Your account manager can also work with you to help secure new buyer relationships with relevant demand partners worldwide, and on-board them to the platform. With Abingmedia, buyers compete and you win.

Abingmedia’s price floor algorithms analyze historic bidding patterns, audience segment values, and your business rules to suggest the optimal price floor for your inventory.


Abingmedia enables publishers to manage and track advertising across devices via our VPAID-compliant, RTB-ready HTML5 component.

Our platform automatically recognizes non-flash environments and adjusts appropriately, creating a and unified advertising experience. We also transcode video assets natively, taking the headache out of cross-platform delivery.

iOS & Android

As publishers increasingly seek to manage video advertising across devices, Abingmedia is committed to building scalable tools and SDKs that make cross-platform delivery seamless.

Abingmedia provides pre-built RTB-ready SDKs for both iOS and Android, and is also certified for delivery to most connected TVs and games console platforms.

In-App Monetization

With advanced capabilities developed specifically for mobile, we’ll help ensure seamless delivery for web and in app video ad units, as well as native, interstitial, and banner display placements.

Our unique people-based targeting capabilities mean the right ad can be delivered to the right person at the right time.

Better targeted ads are better for your users. When your ads match the interests of people, people are more likely to see the ad as additive to their experience and are more likely to engage with the ad.

Facebook anonymized demographic information will be available in all formats supported by Abingmedia, including desktop and mobile video and in-app mobile display.

This also allows you to segment and sell your inventory more effectively, minimizing wasted impressions.

100 websites and mobile apps in our
video ecosystem
97% of video viewers online
reached via our platform
40 of the top 50 publishers integrated on the Abingmedia platform
80 of AdAge Top 100 advertisers
reach audiences across
the 4 screens